Stefan Dolch


wingspan 100 cm
weight 260 g
engine: 3 electric motors 1524-12
6 cells NiMH, 700 mAh
Helicopter with rotors, no mechanic except of the rotating engines (new in the world). Control only by the rotary speed of the 3 engines, stabilisation with electronic gyros. (concept of control by Dr. Sieghard Dienlin). Stable flight characteristic, it is two fly like a 2-axis-slowflyer. The structure is really lightweight and high-strength, completely made of carbon. Flight duration is about 12 minutes with 6 cells NiMH or about 1 hour with LiPo´s. Axis-interval of engines: 610 mm, Diameter of propeller: 360 mm. Very quite and very efficient: about. 14 mAh for hovering.


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Dennis Schulte-Renger

Lift Off Xs

wingspan: 157 cm
weight: 1,5 kg
engine: Fun 480-33, Getriebe 4,4:1, 10 cells

Lift Off XS