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Ralf Bendel

Dumpfbacke (Pumpkinhead)

wingspan: 90 cm
weight ca. 1 kg
drive ducted fan Kontronik, Fun 400-36
After drinking a lot of beer, this model was born.

Ton Bonte

La Paloma

wingspan: 90 cm
weight: 150 g
drive: G.W.S. electric motor

Peter Bos


wingspan: 255 cm
weight: 3,75 kg
This model flies like a real bird. The steering is realized with the moving of the tail.

Dr. Sieghard Dienlin


wingspan 90 cm
weight 184 g
drive: 3 Glockenankermotoren 1319-12
helicopter with 3 rotors, no mechanic without of the turning drives (new in the world). The control of this model is solved only by the revolutions per minute of the motors, it is stabilized by electronic gyros (The control concept is made by Dr. Sieghard Dienlin). This "heli" is really stable in the air, you can fly it like a Slowflyer with elevator and rudder. The Tribelle is completely made of carbon. Flight duration is about 12 minutes with 6 cells NiMH or about one hour with LiPoly accus. The distance of the axes of the engines is 610 mm, the diameter of the prop is 360 mm.