Dennis Schulte-Renger

F18 Hornet

wingspan: 70 cm
weight: 1,25 kg
engine: Fun 400-36

Eddie Eiblmaier

ME 163 (Kraftei)

wingspan: 240 cm
weight: 14 kg
engine: Turbine
Take off works with an elastic, with an attraction of 20 kg. After take off the landing gear will drop down.

ME 163

Günter Fischer

Hydroplane "Aquairius" und Delta

wingspan 200 cm
weight: 2,9 kg
engine: Elektro Kontronik 600/11
The wing is made of styrofoam and balsa, the fuelage is made of fiberglass. The hydroplane is able to take off from water.

wingspan 92 cm
weight: 1,15 kg
engine Elektro Kontronik 400/29
Wing is styrofoam and balsa, fuselage is fiberglass.