Xavier Schmidt


classic airplane

Wingspan: 180cm

Xavier Schmidt

Flying Cow

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Xavier Schmidt


Wingspan: 2m.

Fuselage inspired by penis, 2 Impeller electrics, Lipo 3S 6000 mAh

Philippe & Marc Schuler

Ibis & Tito

Carrier model and fast glider

Wingspan: 180cm / 107cm
Mass: .. / 350gr
Motor:  OS46FX2T


Philippe & Marc Schuler

F-5E Tiger 2

fast model

Wingspan: 90cm
Motor: BL

Paul Vissers


scale model of Beechcrafts modern business jet. Canard confiiguration, retracts

Wingspan: 276cm. Length: 220cm.
Motor: 10cc2T (2x)
Mass: 10kg