Jan Linders


Electric Drehfluegel (rotating wings)

Wingspan: 170cm. Length: 120cm

Weight: 3kg 


Bruno Jauré, Bruno Flaury & Jean-Claude Boeuf

3 models take off als triplane, split airborne in 3 separate models. 

Members of 3 different clubs surrounding Modele Club Buxeen (Inter-Ex de France)

Andreas Locher

TRS4, der tragische Schrauber, 4 rotors, Autogyro Formule Canard

Autgyro formule canard.
Diameter: 42cm.
Weight: 38,7gr

Motor: Glockenankermotor dia7mm


TRS4, der tragische Schrauber



TRS4, der tragische Schrauber


Andreas Locher

3-Käsehoch (2004)

Indoor biplane.
Wingspan: 18,2cm.
Weight: 18,53gr

Motor: LP00-motor 1:5,3




Andreas Locher

die Pythagorassel (2008)

scale model of aircraft 531 b.C.
Wingspan: 29,6cm (= A4)
Weight: 25,46gr  (!!!)

Motor: Brushless G15-4W (micro-invent)

Andreas' bicyclist backpack containing several models.

TRS4, Pythagorassel