really hard take off ...

Andreas Schupp

Piper PA 18 Super Cap

wingspan 368 cm
weight 19,5 kg
engine King 100 RV
Construction by Andreas Schupp..

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Wil Snitjer


wingspan 130 cm
weight 6,4 kg
engine OS 10 ccm 2T
Construction by Wil Snitjer. It is a coaxial helicopter, what means on rotor on top and one rotor on bottom. The top rotor rotates clockwise, the bottom rotor the other direction.
He needed 2 years to bring this thing to fly.

Urs Szymanski

Park Hawk and Elipstick

Park Hawk
wingspan 100 cm
weight 900 g
engine: Speed 300

wingspan 100 cm
weight 450 g
engine Speed 400
elliptic wing