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Reinhold Kling

Naboo Fighter and Water-rocket-glider

Naboo Fighter:
wingspan 82 cm
weight 600g
engine Speed 400, 9 cells
The basic model was a ME 136 by ACT, the archetype was seen in Star Wars

wingspan 78 cm
weight 250 g
engine compressed air and water
Airfoil concavity and angle of attack are reduced while climbing up to the regular altitude.



wingspan 162 cm
weight 3,9
engine Saito 13 ccm 4T
Autogyro, rotor is able to clutch in and out.

Leids Jugendteam

Teilbarer Nurflügel Doppeldecker

wingspan ca. 90 cm
engine electric
A very nice wing biplane. The surprise is the abilitiy to separate in the air, so you get two autonomous flying wings. It looks really great.


This is one wing after landing and one of the pilots .