Teilnehmer und Modelle Inter-Ex 2009


Prename Name Model Span Info Country
George Bushell Flying wing own design Great Britain
Richard Harris Kellet Profile dia50" Plan built autogyro Great Britain
Spyro dia 60 cm Own designed autogyro
RPG dia 50" Own designed autogyro
Tempest dia 100" Own designed autogyro
DAG GT dia 75" Autogyro
Andrew Nash Kellet Profile dia 50" Autogyro Great Britain
PT25 dia 40" Autogyro
Michael Blakert Viper 0,600 Kit Germany
B&V 141 B 1,800 asymetric scale
Circum dia 0,800 ringwing
Stephan Brehm Rumpelstoss 2,260 Flying wing electric inspired by indoor-model motor DualSky 4240, Lipo 3S 3200 mAh, 13 x 7 Germany

see reference

G3P0-b 0,830 Autogyro electricHacker 20/20, Lipo 3S 1200 mAh, 9 x 4,7
FluFlu III 3,500 Horten Flying wing
Sieghard Dienlin SOL 60-65 0,600 solar, no batts

reference here

Alfons Gabsch Falke 1,800 bird, horten-wing, scale Germany
Stiletto XL 1,200 Horten wing, fast
Parabel 2,000 Flying wing
Schwalbe 1,000 Flying wing
Extrem 2,400 Flying wing
Peter Haas Germany
Dachlatte mit Schirm 4,000 10 Umbrella's will be dropped
Marguerite 3,500 Marguerite Canard with 12 wings Lipo 9S 5000 mAh, 18 x 8
Karlheinz Helling HE209 2,000 flapping wing. Reference Here. Technical University Braunschweig Germany


Jochen Köster Minimum V2 0,840 Autogyro three blades, Plettenberg freestyle 24, Lipo 3S 910 mAh, 9 x 4,7 Germany
Micromum V6 0,700 Autogyro three blades, Potensky POT-50, Lipo 3S 350 mAh, 7 x 4
Nanomum V2 0,550 Autogyro three blades, Nano 9 gr, Lipo 2S 200 mAh, 4,5 x 3
Nanomum V4 0,560 Autogyro three blades, Nano 9 gr, Lipo 2S 250 mAh, 5 x 3
Rainer Lange Tubes 0,660 2 tubes with 33 cm dia. from carbon, covered with Oralight, BL 31 gr, Lipo 3S 910 mAh, 90 LED for nightflight Germany
Ninedecker 0,660 plane with 9 wings from depron,BL 54 gr, Lipo 3S 910 mAh
Peter Lambooy 4D-ente 1,000 extra motor in canard wing Germany
Concrete 7 0,800 delta with EDF
Septieme ringwing 1,100 reference here
Scorpion 0,420
Peter Löhnert Sextacopter 1,200 6 rotors, 1x3D vector unit Germany
Big rotator I dia 1,000 permanent rotating wing
X-wing I 1,800 Kite construction, 3D vector unit
X-wing II 1,500 Kite construction, 3D vector unit
X-wing III 1,600 Kite construction, 3D vector unit
Big rotator II 1,600 Kite construction, 3D vector unit
Canard 1,800 Depron construction, 3D vector unit
Marconi 1,600 Kite construction, 3D vector unit
Vector glider 0,820 Kite construction, 3D vector unit
the Real sail plane 1,800 Kite construction, 3D vector unit, main wing as spanned rail
Triangle 1,200 Kite construction, 3D vector unit, Graham Bell's kite
Hans W Müller Spirit of Solar 1,550 solar, no batts Germany
Lutz Näkel Flying squirrel 0,380 scale build inspired by squirrel Brushless 8 gr, Lipo 2S 350 mAh, 5 x 3 Germany
Bulldog 0,720 Scale build, indoor-model
K8 1,000 scale build of K8, 34 gramm, indoor soarer
Professor Schraubhubers nightmare 0,860 Autogyro with 4 rotors, BL nano 20, Lipo 3S 360 mAh, 9 x 4
Mike Obert MiniMOB dia 1,280 autogyro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0vkdDcqLpk Germany
Norbert Schilling Z-Wingr 2,900 Winner of Querdenkerpokal Germany
Martin Werbeck Steam-Engine Antique plane, steamemgine Germany
Wolfgang Wekx Tileston Sylph Flying antique wing Germany
Horten 12 2,000 scale 1:8
Josep Ortiz Manta 0,540 Packs flat to fit airplane luggage Spain
Jean Louis Augros Zee Zee 4 1,800 4 motors vertical France
Polyclub 1,000
Laurent Berlivet Patrouille de France 1,480 4 airplanes joined together France www.jivaro-models.org
White Knight 2,400 2 EDF carrier of Spaceship-One
Twister 0,400 Rocket engine
Speed wing 1,010 Flying wing
Romain Berlivet Biloute 1,000 France
Space Ship One 0,640 scale build spaceship, dropped by White Knight, Jetengine D12.0
Terrafugia 1,200 Flying car
Okrone 0,800 Delta, 2 mixed motors
Ma-Tchang 1,200 Folding motorglider
Jean Claude Boeuf Polyclub EPP France
Bruno Floury Polyclub EPP France
Jaure Polyclub EPP France
Jean Pierre Guezennec Obélix pédaleur 0,850 Scale, EPP + dépron, Typhon 29/12, Lipo 2200 mAh France
Soucoupe MCB 0,850 sign of club MCB, Typhon 29/12, Lipo 2200 mAh, 9 x 6
Gerard Jumelin Variante 100 1,000 Flying wing Horten from depron 3mm Lipo 350 mAh France
Variante 90 0,900 Flying wing Horten from 3mm depron Lipo 350 mAh, 3 x 3
Variante 75 0,750 Flying wing Horten from 3mm depron
Variante 40 0,400 Flying wing Horten from 3mm depron
Mobil Air 80 0,800 bi-motor, inspired by artwork from Alexander Calder
Mobil Air 66 0,660 pusher, inspired by artwork from Alexander Calder
Martinet, blue bird 0,500 bird, carved from depron
Loving cloud 0,830 asymetric
Henk Jutte X-altation 2,500 Netherlands
Arthur Leeuwangh Lasselliat 2009 zweef uitvoering Netherlands
Platz zwever eerste zeilvliegtuig ter wereld
Art of Inter-Ex no straight lines
Bert Schoofs Wright Flyer 3,060 Scale 1:4 1905

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Arnoud Snel Diamant no limit 1,500 3D model Netherlands
Otto Snel Canard 1,600 own design Netherlands
Erik and Ton van den Hoogen Horten 7 1,800 Flying wing Netherlands
Paul Vissers Triumph 3,150 Tripteran scale model reference here Netherlands
Joop de Vries Skyburner 1,100 Pulsejet + special fuel injection Netherlands
Manfred Rauh Escalibri 1,800 Ornithopter electric Switzerland
Kurt Saupe Escalibri 1,240 Ornithopter electric

film here